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       SoundPLAN Training

    Noise-training Engineering Network will present both an Environmental Noise Seminar (Sept 30 – October 2) and a SoundPLAN Software Training (October 3-4). The courses will be presenting at our office in Fullerton California. We are located approximately 6 miles from Disneyland and 25 miles south of Los Angeles… Read More

       Basic Noise Training

    The basic noise training is for everybody working as safety officer or is overseeing occupational noise hazards…  Read More

       3 day Environmental Noise Seminar

    The 3 day Environmental Noise Seminar is intended for engineers, technicians and hygienists working  in  the  fields  of  environmental,  community,  and/or  Industrial  noise  measurement, analysis and control… Read More

       2 day SoundPLAN Software Training

    The 2 day SoundPLAN Software Training is intended for those engineers and technicians with little or no experience with SoundPLAN software and for users who have not had any formal SoundPLAN training… Read More

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